About Me
Small Town Web Designer for Small Town Businesses
I am an accomplished engineer turned web designer looking for my next challenge, clients that need help with communicating their message and helping their users achieve a specific goal. I have the experience to bring successful projects from concept to completion to market on time.
Designed Travel Agency Site
January 2017
Built an easy to maintain wordpress site
While working closely with the owner, I created as easy to maintain website using WordPress and several plugins along with some personalized code that show-cased her different travel destinations. I added a form to collect client information along with registration information for a specific destination. I added a photo album gallery to allow photos of all her travel destinations. See Terilynn’s Travel Agency.
Creating Java Applets
November 2016
Built several Java Applets for Personal and Work Use
While taking a courses in Java and PHP coding, I came up with several different Java Applets the helped with several of my everyday tasks both personal and professional. These tasks included creating reports from eXtensive Markup Language (XML) structured data and validating XML structure data beyond what XML Schema Definition (XSD) validation will perform. Created functions to read in ‘flat files’ or data from a database and create XML structured data to be used by other applications. I used a combination of Java and PHP to manage a database and create HyperText Markup Language (HTML) reports to be viewed in a browser. Specific specifications can be requested.
Creating Web Sites for Intranet
June 2016
Using Business Intranet, Created Several Different Web Sites
While working on an internal Intranet, created several websites to allow employees to track project management, standards being used, and requirements for the project.  Used XML and Java Applications to aid the employees to capture, view, and report on the different sections of the project. This aided the employees in being efficient with their time and resources. Specific specifications can be requested.
Created My Own Web Site
March 2016
Created and Hosted by Own Web Site
While starting my adventure in using essential oils, I created a website to hold all my information and recipes that I collected along with way. I based the website on WordPress and added several plugins to handle the comments and recipes. I used my programming skills to add some personalization to allow visitors the flexibility to view the postings and recipes in different view ports. See Cathy’s Oil Experience.
Other Work Experience

Federal Bureau of Investigation/Information Technology Branch

Sept 1994 to present: Application Engineer

Over the many years of change in the information technology business, I have worked to educate myself and others around me with the new technology. As we started with PL/1 mainframe, moving to C++ client-server format, and now to a JSON-Java application platform, I have attended various continuing education programs to aid in providing new engineering architecture to enable our division to grow with the new information technology revolution.

Currently, I’m creating several web pages to aid others in their pro suite of continuing education. As I look to retirement, I plan on leaving my legacy of helping others to continue to grow as new innovations are developed and conceived.

Online Courses
May 2015 – present
Through out the years, I have taken several personal enrichment courses in Project Management, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP and many more.
Fairmont State University, Fairmont, WV
May 1989
Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science  
Adventures in Learning
WordPress Software
Using several WordPress Themes, I altered them to aid in what the client needed using plugins and editing the PHP underlining code.
PHP Coding
Created several one-page websites to accommodate the clients needs and flexibility along with removing all the clutter that multi-page sites can produce. Created several utility functions to be used by various websites being designed.
HTML5 Coding
Using several different elements of HTML to aid in sectioning the website to allow for more flexibility and responsive to different display devices.
CSS3 Coding
Using the Cascaded Style Sheets to enable more responsive websites, which allow for viewing with multiple devices without changing the PHP or HTML used to build the website.
JavaScript Coding
Created several utility functions to aid in being responsive to the web browser and visitor’s of the website. These utilities can be used to respond to the visitor via keystrokes, mouse movements, and button clicks.
JQuery Coding
Created several utility functions to aid JavaScript functions using CSS and HTML to change how a website is viewed and data being entered by the visitor.
Bootstrap Methodology
Using HMTL, CSS, and JavaScript to create an easily maintained website that can be viewed on mobile devices and different web browsers.
MySQL Coding
Create several SQL utility functions to access and manipulate data in: MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and other database systems.
XML Documents
Using the standard given, ex: NIEM, created several different eXtensive Message Language (XML) documents using the XML Schema Definition (XSD). Create XML Stylesheet Language (XSLT) documents to transform XML Documents into different XML Documents and/or reports of PDF or Excel format.
Java Application Coding
Created several applications for personal and work use to aid in performing of normal everyday operations.